Intense, action-packed sessions that are designed to push your team through a particular phase of your business or project.

Business Model + Value Proposition

Get crystal clear on what your idea is, who it brings value to, and how it’s going to pay for itself. Great for:

  • Start-ups
  • Product + Development Teams
  • Pivoting your business to stay competitive

Innovation Sprints

Using the design-thinking process, get to a minimum viable solution in a few short weeks. Great for:

  • Start-ups
  • Product + Development Teams
  • Projects with impossible deadlines

Brand Strategy + Marketing

Get clear on your why and how your brand helps you reach your business goals. Great for businesses that are:

  • Past the start-up phase and ready for growth
  • Looking to reposition themselves in the market
  • Launching a new product/service


Focused around a particular project, or used as a capacity building opportunity. They are also fast-paced, hands-on, and a lot of fun.

Ideation + Creative Problem Solving

Increase their ability to look at problems with fresh eyes and develop innovative solutions. Great for anyone, but particularly:

  • In-house business units that regularly solve problems
  • Product + Development Teams
  • Design Thinking, Marketing, or HCD professionals

Behaviour Change Techniques

Simple ways to identify behavioural barriers and strategies for overcoming them.

  • Project teams that have “impact” as indicators
  • Marketing teams
  • Companies or managers that are transforming their organization


You might have specific needs around business, innovation, or problem solving that don’t fall into one of these tidy little boxes. No problem. You and I can work together to develop a bespoke workshop for your team.